are dirty, trashy and they would do anything for a little bit of money! You can watch these white trash girls do things you don't see anywhere else! Why? Because they're trailer trash whores, that's why, and we got them all right here!
Good Ole Drunken Anna Fuckin' a Bottle
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Anna is such a naughty trailer trash whore, and a drunk one too! She just loves her beer so much, this is what happened when she came knocking at our door late last night. She was asking, well, begging for beer money! As you can clearly see, she got both: money, AND beer!
Emmy's Suckin', Ricco's Spurtin'
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Emmy was pouting on the bed because she didn't know how she would pay for the week's groceries... She accepted Ricco's proposition with a smile: He would pay for all the food she would want this week, in exchange for letting him feed her... his hard cock and sticky cum that is!
Hairy 'n' Naughty Daria
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Daria has a delicious naturally hairy cunt that you only find inside a trailer trash whore's panties. She has very naughty blue eyes, don't you think? It's such a shame that some of the guys don't want to fuck her hairy pussy, but as they say, one man's trash is another one's treasure!

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